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How to judge the quality of various components of solar street lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-09
  The high-quality solar street lights have good lighting effects, stable running performance and long service life. The solar street light is an independent lighting system, so it requires the coordination and cooperation of various components. Therefore, the quality of each component of the system determines the quality of the solar street light.
  Solar street light is composed of light pole, light source, solar battery module, storage battery and solar controller. The quality judgment standards of each component are as follows:
  Light pole: high-quality steel parts, thickness ≥3.0mm, high strength, hot-dip galvanizing inside and outside, electrostatic spraying on the surface, good corrosion resistance; color, height and specifications can be selected according to design requirements;
  Light source: high-power, high-brightness LED light source, light-emitting angle above 110 degrees, using constant voltage and constant current drive circuit, after special heat dissipation treatment, stable performance, long service life up to ten years, surface lamps and lanterns are made of cast aluminum , There are a variety of shapes to choose from;
   Solar cell modules: crystalline silicon solar cell modules with a conversion efficiency of more than 17%. Among them, the solar cell modules are made of high-quality panel glass, low-iron and ultra-white suede tempered glass, with a light transmittance of more than 90%.
   Low iron super white means that the iron content of this glass is lower than that of ordinary glass, thereby increasing the light transmittance of the glass. At the same time, viewed from the edge of the glass, this glass is whiter than ordinary glass, which is greenish from the edge. Suede means that in order to reduce the reflection of sunlight, the surface of this kind of glass is treated by physical and chemical methods to reduce reflection, so that the surface of the glass becomes fluffy, thereby increasing the amount of light incident. The toughening treatment is to increase the strength of the glass, resist the impact of wind, sand and hail, and play the role of long-term protection of solar cells. The effective use time reaches more than 25 years.
   Battery: Mainly used for solar energy dedicated 12V valve-regulated lead-acid maintenance-free battery, with small internal resistance, large capacity, high charge and discharge performance, and can be used safely in a working environment of -40°C to 55°C;
  Solar street light controller: optional use is a light control/time control multi-function controller, the control time can be set at will, with anti-reverse connection, reverse charge, overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, lightning protection, temperature compensation It is a perfect intelligent control system with multiple protection functions.

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