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how to make acorn cap solar led lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-03
Our little acorn hat solar LED lamp is the perfect decorative fairy garden.
They use an adapted LED garden solar lamp to power our garden. When the sun goes down, our garden will be beautifully lit.
This tutorial is divided into two parts.
First, we show you how to adapt to the sun in the garden, and then how to make a bunch of acorn hat lights.
LED garden solar lamps are cheap and easily available in commercial streets.
The one we used in this project cost 79 pence.
Our ultra-simple step-by-step video shows you how to adjust one so that you can use it to power your lighting project.
Note: This is a project that everyone can complete. -
You don\'t need any experience in electronics.
LED solar lamps are low voltage, which means there is no danger of electric shock.
To make a string of acorn lid LED lights, you need: we use plastic wrapped copper wire, so before we start assembling the lights, we must peel off the plastic.
We also assembled lamp poles and soaked them in tea to make them dirty.
Our hats are newly collected and very soft, so we can directly wire the LED bulbs through them.
If you use a dry cover, you may need to drill a small hole before inserting it.
If you look closely at the picture above, you will find that one of the LED bulb poles is longer than the other.
The longer the stem, the better.
When you install the bulb on the copper wire, all the positive poles must be connected to the same wire, otherwise the incorrectly inserted bulb will not light up!
There are six acorn-capped light-emitting diodes on our rope. (
In this way, solar cells may be hard to light up. .
Let\'s put the copper wire through the pillar first.
The guide hole through the support arm is used to pass through the wire.
Then wrap it around the arm to fix it.
Once a lamp is used, it is vital that the two copper wires are not in contact.
Otherwise, it will lead to short circuit.
Once the wiring pole and wire are set up, the acorn cover LED can be welded in place.
Remember to have all the positive factors. (the long stalk)
Connect to the same wire.
Next, weld your solar battery pack in place.
Then you just need to choose where to put the lights in your fairy garden.
Waiting for the sun to set.
If you can do this, you will find that I am not a great filmmaker or electronics expert!
I am a person who likes to work and try.
So I hope this tutorial will encourage people like me to try some simple electronic projects. -
If I can, anyone can:)
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