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How to reasonable collocation street reconstruction of photosynthetic efficiency and color temperature

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-04

our city is in constant development, so since it is in the development is inseparable from the road construction, and the road construction is inseparable from the street lamps. At present has been extensively used in urban road construction on the street lamp, is want to have more beautiful street lamp can be used for our lighting. After we find lamps can send out different colors of light, in some places is white, in some places is warm yellow light, also have a careful people find some of the lamps in the same power brightness is high, some low brightness, then how should we reasonable collocation street lamp lighting and color temperature?

we for the choice of the color temperature is depends on certain conditions, the choice of street lamp color temperature to consider the local environment of the weather. Some areas more rainy day, so street reconstruction is needed in this area is need to be able to send out good light penetration, so be combined with the weather and environment of local installation area and other factors. And in the light efficiency aspect is mainly to see the stand or fall of chips, photosynthetic efficiency, the better is to use the chip is more advanced.

so the worse conversely, anyway that is to say if the reasonable collocation of street lamp lighting and color temperature is also a university asked, consumers can take the actual situation and demand told the street lamp manufacturers, manufacturers of technical personnel with reasonable lighting and color temperature, such collocation is relatively good.

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