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How to set the control mode of solar led street light installation system

by:CHZ     2021-07-15
  As a new type of lighting source, solar led street lights rely on many high-tech components of their own system design to drive photovoltaic lighting to achieve good applications in the entire road construction. As the core of the entire street light system, setting the controller is very important to ensure the good operation of the entire street light system.

   Controller composition:
  Solar led street light controller adopts PMW single-chip microcomputer control to achieve intelligent control. During system operation, the high-efficiency PWM charging method has temperature compensation control. In the system setting process, the LED light-emitting tube is used to intuitively indicate the current battery status to enable users It can better realize the good setting of the whole street light.
  Control mode setting:
  Solar led street lamp control methods are mainly divided into two categories: time-sharing control and fully automatic control. During the operation of the system, the system has functions such as overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, and overload protection. The unique automatic control anti-reverse protection during operation becomes a strong backing for the stable operation of the system.
   For photovoltaic lighting, the quality of the solar led street light control system directly affects the service life and performance of the street light photovoltaic module. When installing solar led street lights, only the solar street light manufacturer can control the street light system to ensure road stability Reliable photovoltaic lighting.

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