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How to solar street lamps collocation and related advantages have?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-12

solar LED street light configuration of simple to handle, unreasonable collocation can cause many problems, solar street light is made up of four parts, solar photovoltaic panels, of battery, light source and the controller; If solar photovoltaic panels to match is too small, power is not enough light in the day of lighting, solar LED street lamp will go out ahead of schedule, so can't normal work according to the set time.

solar battery charging provided directly by the solar battery, the charging current and charging voltage changes with the solar radiation intensity, charging voltage and charging voltage too high frequent enough. Another charging voltage if not according to the temperature change in the automatic adjustment, easy to cause the battery is not satisfied or overcharge, so between the solar panel and battery solar charge controller is particularly important if the solar controller cannot be charge and discharge protection, do not have temperature compensation function, or do not, for a period of time after the operation failure, the battery failure as a result, such as solar LED street light can't work normally.

1, energy saving, solar street light with natural light into the use of electricity, drive light of lamps and lanterns, endless energy, the need for electric energy.

2, environmental protection, in line with the green environmental protection requirements, the need for electricity, no pollution, no radiation, protect the ecology.

3, safe, and don't need to connect the ac solar street lamps, but through out the battery, with low voltage direct current (dc) to convert light energy into electricity, lighting lamps and lanterns.

4, high-tech, through optical and time control, automatically adjust the light.

5, installation is simple, without having to pull wire, installed directly, save electricity power brownouts.

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