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Hubei 706 tunnel will upgrade: all leds

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-26

on Feb. 27, hubei Gao Guanju revealed to the provincial highway tunnel security baseline screening, completed before the end of 2020 to upgrade.

this year, the transportation ministry will release the tunnel quality upgrade guide, plan years in hubei province highway tunnel safety hazard to ascertain, next year the rectification. Rectification is focused on the passenger people care most about lighting, security protection, ventilation, civil engineering and other related facilities.

lighting, highway tunnel in hubei province most using high pressure sodium lamp, the light is dim, vehicles entered the tunnel, the driver's eyes does not adapt. Will all change in improvement of LED lights, the light from bright and dark, from dark to light again, inward and outward should be consistent with the hole outside the light brightness; The entrance to a tunnel will all installed protective plate, avoid car hit the wall directly, through a buffer to reduce accident casualties.

it is understood that the initiative will implement three, completed this year, next year in September before classification management, item by item number and assess the effect of the last 3 months, further perfect.

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