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Huimin livelihood, according to people's hearts|Solar street lighting project of rural roads in Shiyan, Hubei

Huimin livelihood, according to people's hearts|Solar street lighting project of rural roads in Shiyan, Hubei


In order to solidly advance the battle against poverty and accelerate the pace of rural revitalization, Shiyan City, Hubei Province has vigorously launched a project to increase or decrease the amount of land used for urban and rural construction. As a supporting Huimin project, the rural road solar street lighting project is steadily advancing, bringing more convenience and benefits to local people. CHZ Lighting assisted 12 villages and towns in a county of Shiyan City to successfully install more than 1,200 solar street lights, effectively solved the problem of people traveling at night, and added a dazzling glory to the rural revitalization.

In recent years, Shiyan City, Hubei attaches great importance to the increase-decrease linking work. Through the implementation of the urban-rural construction land increase-decrease linking pilot project, the rural production and living conditions have been effectively improved, and the demand for rural development land has been ensured. And the construction of beautiful countryside provides strong support. The county tightly grasped the good opportunity for the construction of the increase-decrease link project and used the practical things that can be seen and felt to benefit the people, so that the masses of people have gained a full sense of happiness and gain.


This solar street lamp lighting project is one of many practical things the county has run for the people. Prior to this, most of the townships in the county had no street lamp lighting. Even if there were street lamps, they were dim and old, unable to meet the needs of villagers to travel at night, and there were certain hidden security risks. In this project, CHZ Lighting's DST1 series of two-body solar street lights are used. A total of more than 1,200 street lights are installed in 12 towns and towns, which basically covers the main roads of the village and the concentrated residential areas of the people, providing more security for the people to travel at night.

The Haoxing series of solar street lights independently developed and produced by CHZ Lighting select imported high-quality solar panels, which have high charging efficiency and more durability; the overall lighting efficiency is >170Lm/W, achieving higher illumination; A1 grade lithium iron phosphate battery, life cycle 2000 More than times; high-efficiency low-light intelligent charging control system, human induction + light control + time control to ensure uninterrupted power for long rainy days; and the street light adopts a new optimized light distribution design, the illumination area is larger and the illumination is more uniform, creating a more Safe and comfortable night travel environment.

The brand-new solar street light relies on solar energy to generate electricity independently, no need to connect to the city power, no pollution, zero emissions, no trenching and ditching, simple construction, short construction period, low maintenance cost in the later period, which is completely in line with the national energy saving and emission reduction Carbon development concept. After the streetlights were installed, the dark and quiet villages in the past became alive, showing a beautiful picture of the rural settlement. Warm and bright street lamps not only illuminate the night of the village, but also the hearts of the masses, but also the villagers' happiness road.

Over the years, CHZ Lighting has consistently adhered to high-quality products, focused on new product development and technological innovation, and has provided professional and high-quality solar lighting products and solutions for many engineering projects. In the future, CHZ Lighting will continue to rely on technological innovation, continue to deepen product research and development, comprehensively improve overall service capabilities, participate in more rural road lighting projects with high-quality products and professional solutions, and contribute to the wisdom of promoting the comprehensive revitalization of beautiful countryside and strength.

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