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Hunan changsha 's' 'box' more fruitful work

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-18

the pavement unobstructed, citizens travel convenience is the important embodiment of city living comfort.

with the development of the city, water, electricity, gas, communication facilities are perfect, locker, pole, more and more, but it can't increase relatively narrow public space. All kinds of locker, combined with early sidewalk alignment pole lack of unified planning, often laid convenient from the perspective of the related ancillary facilities installed in the pipeline to the nearest the sidewalk beside, serious encroached on the pavement public space. 'Especially in the center of the densely populated urban area, the above issues become more prominent. 'Relevant person in charge of urban management bureau in changsha city of hunan province said.

in order to improve the pavement box, rod, piers and other 'off', according to the unified deployment, changsha urban human settlements environment bureau, the relevant person in charge of the municipal urban management bureau said yesterday, changsha is actively carried out 'lever' pilot 'boxes of unity', and vigorously promote the pavement repair renovation work, thus effectively release the pedestrian space, improve the residents travel environment.

according to introducing, to find all kinds of organization of changsha urban management department survey in 2019 cases of ark, alignment pole encroachments facilities such as 931, and asked all responsible unit batch finish the first batch of 460 at the end of this year, in the middle of 2020 to complete the second batch of 471 wrecker.

at present, the pavement repair renovation work is to promote the implementation of the first goal task list has been completed at the end of September to move to clean up 118.

'the pavement repair regulation is' a circle two three an important content of construction work, bears on the immediate interests of the masses of the people and government in the image. 'Relevant person in charge of changsha urban management bureau said, will coordinate change and ministry, planning, building, public security, transportation, postal service, civil affairs departments, support the rescue work. At the same time, strictly control the optional Settings, put an end to 'BianJianBian increase', resolutely prevent various pavilion tent, locker, pipeline encroachments facilities such as rebound, put an end to 'qing while increasing'.

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