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Hunan publish electricity to produce the results: LED lamps and lanterns is not qualified rate is as high as 96. 7%

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-19

recently, market supervision bureau of hunan province issued to consumers online complaints more of their organisation, and is closely related to consumers' health, life and safety of electricity product selectives examination results. So far, in the completed including home health supplies, lighting products, glasses, student supplies, bed supplies five types of products, total 346 spot checks in batches, 220 batches of qualified products, substandard products detection rate for 36. 4%. Online glasses don't careless! Unqualified detection rate exceeds sixty percent.

province market supervision bureau, according to data released during the spot check, lamps and lanterns, glasses and mattress products unqualified detection rate in the top three, were higher than 50%. Among them, 60 batches to spot lamps, 27 batches of qualified, unqualified products detection rate of 55%.

is particularly noteworthy is that the LED lamps and lanterns in selectiving examination, selectived examination decorative lighting leds 30 batches, check out the question 29 batch products, quality problem is more serious, as high as 96. 7% of the product tested outside wiring and internal wiring is unqualified, increase the lamps and lanterns in the security risks in the process of installation, use and maintenance, easy to cause electrical or fire accident.

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