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I'm sorry, ningbo BBS boot to you right away!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-29

when in ningbo is the most intuitionistic impression at the small make up 'brainteasers' fashionable streets, exposed IQ and age era, ningbo already not that you dial!

in 2016, ningbo has been rated as 'capital of the east Asian culture'; In 2017, the global tourism to promote the third session of the national conference, and was awarded the title of 'China tourism and leisure city'.

in the same year, the ningbo municipal party committee, municipal government issued 'about promoting ningbo global tourism promotion the several opinions of the reform and development of tourism, Hereinafter referred to as 'opinions') 。 'Opinions' pointed out that the next three years, ningbo will be to build a global tourism linkage system and mechanism, basic completion 'international leisure tourism destination' and high quality global tourism 'ningbo model'. This watch is 'other people's city'.

in order to more in line with the small make up the illusion of 'other people's city', ningbo actively introducing the world's three largest carnival, one of the nice carnival project boost its international influence. In addition, in line with the goal of the construction of ningbo international tourist city, ningbo also opened the ningbo city lighting special planning establishment work. Various phenomena show that it is located in 'Yangtze river economic belt', is 'region' project in ningbo, one of the important node in the city, to seek city lighting mode transformation and innovation.

we will start from the following three aspects of the problem.

in order to solve these questions, hin wisdom media cross-border, innovation national urban lighting circuit BBS into ningbo, specific to the September 28, the ningbo during the carnival, hold to 'the great transformation: new mode shape of ningbo city lighting' as the theme of China's urban lighting and BBS and lights. City managers, hand in hand to invite industry chain on the new situation in ningbo city of the future lighting model changes such as the core topic of discussion, in order to help make with characteristic of ningbo ningbo city lighting.

the following, is arranging the BBS of small make up for all the information, and small make up together and have a look.

note: the above issues are for reference only, the organizers have the right to change issues and lecturer, specific issues and time will be subject to the scene, the organizer reserves the final interpretation activities.

ningbo BBS boot soon on September 28th

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