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Iceland's luxury hotels, lighting wake-up service

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-04

according to foreign media reports, a luxury hotel in Iceland Retreat launched a wake-up call - - - - - - - - - - - - The use of lighting.

the hotel guests can book in the morning wake-up call 'natural' service as well as the daily newspaper and breakfast.

time indicated on the guests, will activate a dynamic 5 minutes long photoperiod, light intensity from 0% to 90%, from amber to 5600 k color temperature, so that guests can gently and gradually awakened, rather than the sound.

the hotel also has installed the dynamic white lighting, in order to manage your lighting requirements guests.

the hotel rooms are equipped with a diameter of 1. 2 m, fixed with LED circuit board ceiling lamps, lamps and lanterns has a series of color temperature, combined with 2100 k, 85 CRI amber, 4000 k, 90 and 6000 k, 90 CRI CRI white white.

the small panel of the head of a bed can control the light of the four different scenarios, including 50 Lux low lighting levels of the relaxing scene, 350 Lux light illumination levels make people energetic light scene, 120 Lux light during the day, and only 4000 and more than 6000 k LED in closed circuit running night scene.

it is reported that most of the lamps and lanterns are put in building or furniture.

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