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In 2021 in suzhou, the inner ring elevated street lamps will be replaced by LED lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-05

recently, in suzhou, xihuan lights on the highway quietly 'change color', by the warm yellow lights before into a bright white now. Why is this?

as we have learned, xihuan elevated original lights for high pressure sodium lamp, low energy consumption, high color rendering, lighting, and in 2004, construction years already a long time, have a safe hidden trouble.

the people see the 'white' light, USES is LED lights, is also a warm color series, this kind of floodlight high photosynthetic efficiency, low energy consumption, good color rendering, and further enhance the driver's visual comfort, driving on the road is safer.

it is understood that the city municipal administration plans to 2021 years ago, all the lights on the inner ring elevated to suzhou, are transformed into the more economic and specification of LED lights.

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