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In Canberra, Australia's largest independent wisdom city projects, all the lights on the 'cloud'

by:CHZ     2020-05-27

according to foreign media reports, to make urban wisdom, the Australian capital Canberra will put all the lights to connect to the cloud, as Australia's largest independent intelligent city project.

agencies responsible for infrastructure is in Canberra, transport and urban services ( TCCS) , has introduced two technology co. , LTD. ( Itron and Electrix) In order to achieve ambitious plan 'Internet of things'.

the TCCS could deploy a multi-functional network in the region, with a central management software to manage the street lamp.

by energy performance contract, Electrix will over seven years, operation, maintenance and upgrade street light network.

this innovation mode will help TCCS achieve remarkable energy saving effect, accelerate the process of achieving environment, minimizing investment risks, and to help manage the contract within the time limit fixed annual budget distribution.

in the long run, will benefit from the wisdom in Canberra city laboratory, the laboratory tests and to develop other wisdom city solutions, such as intelligent induction waste management, traffic monitoring, pollution and other applications using the same network platform.

as part of the upgrade, will also provide a new digital control maintenance management system, to provide the network real-time monitoring, automatic detection lamp fault or cable problem.

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