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In liaoning university of science and technology institute of China lighting industry opening was established

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-14

on December 14, geared to the needs of the strategy of rejuvenating northeast lighting BBS on the theme of education and industry and China's lighting industry talent education BBS in anshan angang museum is held ceremoniously. Collective photo

the BBS by China lighting association and jointly organized by liaoning university of science and technology, the convergence of China lighting academy's lighting academy, Beijing, China's semiconductor lighting application innovation center, tsinghua university, central academy of fine arts, shenzhen university, lu xun academy of fine arts, nanchang university, tianjin university, dalian university of technology, jilin university, xiamen academy, sichuan academy of colleges and universities and various lighting association representative and the well-known experts and professors design instructor participated in the event together.

the meeting

leadership speech

BBS in total is divided into three part, followed by guo-feng zhang, professor at the school of art and architecture design of liaoning university of science and technology and the China central academy professor zhi-gang chang and goofy was presided over by the Chinese illumination acad.

liaoning university of science and technology, the principal Mr Zhang

in the meeting, the headmaster would take the lead in liaoning university of science and technology. Since he first introduced the liaoning university of science and technology school of scientific research achievements and development direction for nearly two years. Among them, focusing on talent pool and the positive response to state the direction of construction and development in colleges and universities, college set up the China lighting industry, to promote the healthy development of China's lighting industry and accelerate the construction of promoting the northeast economic circle lighting, make a significant contribution to the comprehensive development of lighting industry chain.

member of nanchang university feng-yi jiang

then, nanchang university feng-yi jiang academicians to the guests Shared the illumination light, colors and the future development of LED technology and professional research and development direction in the field of view.

China lighting academy's goofy

China lighting academy's goofy with lighting industry development and achievements of the lighting industry in recent years to make a speech.

meanwhile, liaoning university of science and technology and the scene of the anshan iron and steel group signed a strategic cooperation relations, to play their respective advantages, promote the exchange and cooperation in the field of industrial culture and multifaceted, achieve mutual benefit and common development. Signing ceremony for

the ceremony

the scene read out at the institute of China lighting industry, after Mr Zhang President of liaoning university of science and technology for China's lighting design with China lighting academy's goofy personnel training base and China lighting industry personnel with an inaugural ceremony continuing education training base.

the ceremony

at the same time, the scene for the lighting industry college advisors, academic committee member, and a visiting professor and director unit long-term cooperation contract and certificate. Issued by contract and certificate

then, hosted by zhi-gang chang, a professor at the central academy of fine arts professional speech process, professor RongHaoLei with 'light to create value' as the theme to make a speech. In addition, Liu Xiaoxi, frequency, guo-feng zhang three professors respectively around lighting education and talent education and lamps and lanterns lighting industry, lighting control, building light environment design and urban light environment planning, lighting courses do share.

closed-door meetings

after the BBS, learn to fly in China lighting group, China lighting industry college academic committee members held a closed-door meeting for the first time. Meeting in northeast China under the strategic vision of design education and lighting lighting industry college course planning and design carried on the thorough discussion and research, the members of the academic views, expressed in succession of lighting industry the general direction of the unified planning and policy of the college.

closed-door meetings

at this point, for the strategy of rejuvenating northeast lighting BBS on the theme of education and industry and China's lighting industry talent education BBS successfully concluded. Photo association of

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