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In recent years the development of solar street lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-11

today, solar street light has been widely used in various provinces and cities in our country. A lot of people are more or less for solar street lamps have to understand, but for a solar street lamps for several years, the change trend, must have a lot of people don't know, so today is to make a brief introduction.

about a decade ago, solar street lamps began to gradually rise, but as you know, when first introduced new products, the price is relatively high. So when the solar street light parts price is high, the cost of production cost is high. Therefore, compared with the ordinary street lamp, solar street light, as a kind of new products at that time is not accepted by the public.

by practical application, also including the progress of technique, the advantages of solar street light compared with other lights show was seen by the public gradually. Don't need to line installation, the point of delivery without loss, and is a kind of the use of natural resources, gradually attention, also has been vigorously promoting state, therefore, more and more street lamp manufacturers started investing in solar street light industries, make solar street lamps production technology is more and more mature, also formed the competition between manufacturers, for the price of solar street lamps in the market is stable.

a growing demand for solar street lamps, the increasing maturity of the technology and transparent. Compared with before, more and more manufacturers to improve the product continuously, so it is a period of time, solar street light products also entered innumberable families, the price is much lower than before and, really inexpensive.

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