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In response to the outbreak, the Chinese buy Danish UVD Robots disinfection robot

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-23

in order to cope with the new virus pneumonia outbreak, China has bought a UVC lamp automatic driving disinfection robots, used in the hospital. Recently, the Danish company UVD Robots with the Chinese market of medical equipment suppliers Sunay Healthcare Supply signed the agreement.

these disinfection robots are now shipped to China's hospitals, to help against coronavirus. The first robot will in this week and delivery within the next few weeks, there will be more robots with coronavirus by air transportation to deploy in the struggle. Through the use of ultraviolet ray, the robot can automatically to disinfection and killing viruses and bacteria, effectively limit the spread of coronavirus, and will not make the medical staff face the risk of infection.

picture sources: UVD Robots

by Sunay Healthcare Supply partners in China, these Robots will deploy all provinces in China. China medical equipment suppliers Sunay Healthcare Supply, chief executive of Su Yan said, 'through this agreement, will now have more than 2000 hospitals have the opportunity to ensure effective disinfection, to protect patients and staff'.

before to reach a deal with UVD Robots, Sunay Healthcare Supply conducted due diligence, and screened the relevant technology.

Su Yan said: 'we found that UVD robot is superior to all other techniques, and was very happy to have signed in a very short period of time the supply UVD robot with the sole agency agreement in China. 'The sides had in-depth work, the robot to the hospitals in China.

UVD Robots is a Danish company, is by the odense university hospital and Blue formed between Robotics, company developed in 2014 to provide automatic disinfection solution of UV disinfection robot. Cooperation between the two sides further into the product in 2018. Autopilot disinfection robot is now in Europe, the United States and Asia more than 40 countries/regions.

UVD Robots, chief executive of Per Juul Nielsen said: 'in such a serious crisis, the world health are threatened, our innovative technology really proved its value. '

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