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In the beginning, we first introduce basic solar street lamps control knowledge. First of all, let all the solar street light manufacturer

by:CHZ     2020-10-15

the manufacturers should all know solar street lamps, the work principle of a street lamp is very simple, energy storage glow at night during the day, recycling, and endless. Such a long service life of street lamps, if not too lethal damage, the use of a decade or so is no problem, moreover, can also don't have to worry about what cloudy rainy day, because a store lighting, also can use less half a month. Although the use of solar energy street lamp, now is not so high, but the manufacturer of the perfection of a street lamp solar street lamps function will vigorously put into use in the future.

principle and knowledge about solar street light, in fact, even the junior middle school students can very easily understand, actually to junior high school physics knowledge inside has spoken about the use of solar energy, however, the street lamp of a fault, may be in some more cool and don't accept the light area is difficult to be put into use, because, after all, solar energy or the sun's energy or not.

manufacturer of solar street light for solar street lamp installation is also a science. Install solar street lamps must follow the following:

1, solar panels to south direction.

2, array panel choose to install around tall buildings, trees, telephone poles, etc without shade and shelter. When can meet all day without shelter, to ensure that at 9:30 - as far as possible Hold no shade.

3, solar street lamps manufacturer of solar street light near the heat source to avoid as far as possible, in case of affecting the service life of the lamps and lanterns.

4 above there should be no direct light source, solar panels, lest make solar street lamps manufacturer of lamps and lanterns control system mistakenly identified cause wrong operation.

5, solar street lamp manufacturers can Yang street lamp light pole foundation construction should have sufficient strength, embedded parts should be reliable and with socket adapter.

6, the design of the protective earthing and lightning protection facilities should strictly comply with the design specification, all of the solar street light light pole and the protection of the electrical equipment shall be reliable grounding and lightning protection facilities. After foundation excavation, low lever should be under 12 m in foundation pit edge horn scored 50 mm x 5 mm x 1500 m galvanized Angle steel, grounding resistance should be less than 10 Ω. Under the condition of geology is difficult to achieve, by embedding the earthing body, drag reduction agent is used to solve.
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