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In the case of more than 7000! Large LED lighting lamps and lanterns counterfeits case LED the police attention

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-12

learn from chongqing fuling district public security bureau, the bureau recently uncovered a major production and sales one well-known domestic lighting brand fake and inferior products. Police were destroyed five counterfeiting factories, seized 15 production lines and the seizure of counterfeit parts 3 million, involving a total of more than 7000 ten thousand yuan.

in early November 2018, chongqing fuling district public security bureau of public security detachment DaJiaBan received many people have reported that, fuling and private stores selling building materials market and a number of suspected counterfeit one well-known domestic brand lighting facilities. The policemen found after verification together with the industry and commerce, quality inspection departments, this series of brand lighting is fake and inferior products, and a huge number.

at the end of November 2018, police in fuling pump capable police was astonished to solve the case. After nearly a month investigation visit, a headed by wei so-and-so, tain so-and-so, production, sales for the integration of counterfeiting ring gradually surfaced. On December 27, some areas of guangdong zhongshan, jiangmen, zhaoqing and other places to carry out the prophase MoPai, with help from the local police, amid mastered the main criminal suspect's detailed address, counterfeiting dens and sales channels. On January 6, 2019, fuling, police organization more than 100 police to guangdong to carry out the catch, will be 24 all those involved in the capture of the case.

, police said some in guangdong zhongshan, jiangmen, zhaoqing, counterfeiting factory 5, warehousing base 8, seized 15 production lines, more than 70 sets of all kinds of machinery, the seizure of counterfeit products 110, 700 cases, mould parts, 3 million, the seizure of trademark, anti-counterfeiting code, qr code 5. 7 million, involving a total of more than 7000 ten thousand yuan.

at present, the case is under further probing.

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