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In the installation of solar street lamps need attention problems

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-16

with increasingly perfecting of solar energy utilization technology, the roadside street also appears more and more solar street lamp, then what will you pay attention to in the installation of solar street light? The next solar street lamps factory will explain in detail for you.

the first is the installation position of solar street lights will not produce water. Near the river, the river of the water must be below the ground surface 2 m place, should not have shelter near the solar street lights, cable, fiber optic cable, drains and other public facilities. According to the installation site conditions, if the unsafe factors are installed near the construction personnel to report within the first responsible person.

second before construction should be ready to the tools needed to install solar street lamps, and select the professional construction personnel, in strict accordance with the solar street lamp installation drawings to select appropriate special cement soil properties. In the soil under the condition of high acidity and alkalinity, on the strength of concrete should not have any effect, such as fine sand and clay in the stone should not affect the strength of concrete; And after the excavation, to check whether there is leakage of groundwater in a timely manner. If there is a groundwater seepage, to immediately stop the construction; In the foundation, the underground cage on the surface must be level, anchor bolt must be perpendicular to the ground surface. Through the solar street light foundation after acceptance can undertake the installation of solar street light. Above is the more important points of installation of solar street light.

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