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In the next ten years, solar street lamps will be zero pollution

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-16

in the future ten years, solar street lights will be zero pollution

is a clean energy solar street lamps, solar street light is not a clean energy, solar energy street lamp is more clean, but there are still certain pollution, pollution of the big is the battery - solar street lamp manufacturers use Lead pollution

lead pollution is a major source of solar street light pollution. Colloid lead battery very high levels of lead, the use of colloid lead battery and circulation, lack of necessary supervision and requirements of lead battery circulation easily in soil and water, the harm to environment is immeasurable.

at present, the colloid lead battery replacement only lithium battery, but due to the lithium battery has a higher security risk, so the high price on the market can not replace colloid lead battery.

with the development of lithium battery industry and the application of new electricity storage material, the next 10 years, can completely replace the colloid lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries likely new battery, and in a more perfect state in industry and in life.

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