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In the process of installing solar street lamps need to pay attention to

by:CHZ     2020-10-16

solar street lamp power depends on the road width and the surrounding environment, depending on the road width, spacing depends on the power of light source and lamps and lanterns of the secondary light distribution. As the traditional energy increasingly scarce, the application of solar energy will be more and more widely, the main field of solar power in short years has developed industry.

1, to fully understand the characteristics of the solar street lamps, light source, light pole, practice and reference for road lighting specification, the separation of the budget of the investment, rationally choose solar lamps, light source, light pole, with abundant light source of high efficiency and energy saving, solar lamps and lanterns of light distribution, accessories combination advantage.

2, under the condition of light performance achieved, appropriate change spacing of lamps and lanterns, solar street lamps to build number of lamps and lanterns; Appropriate progress solar street light light pole height, to improve lighting effects; As far as possible in the middle of the road space with cloth rod, to frugal engineering cost.

3, isolation, road engineering, timely pole selected evaluations, foundation construction and embedded, in order to find problems in time, reasonable backpedaled, quality assurance, frugal investment.

4, according to the practice of solar street light on the project site and geological conditions, design and manufacture of solar street light and high lamp light pole foundation foundation, strong guarantee foundation. Particularly want to pay attention to the embedded bolt and screw hole adapter, positioning, reasonable embedded length and the length of stay outside, thread local shall be properly maintained, so that when hoisting position.

5, the rocks, the wind fossils, scattered grounding and staging is difficult to reach the request, can think according to the design request of conductors such as galvanized flat steel long cohesion, cohesion can rely on, at the same time be appropriate protective disposal, and strong cohesion and embedded foundation, achieve linked to dungeon on each lamp post. Light is scattered in the solar street lamps, mainly relying on the bedrock ground, sometimes using drag-reducing agent, reduce the grounding resistance.

solar energy street lamp technology is more and more mature, under the strong support of national policy, once high-tech products also entered the rural, solar solar street light is becoming more and more widely used. Towns along, lively square, quiet courtyard can see the figure of solar street light. In spite of this, many people, when choosing lamps is still in the mains wavered between LED street light and solar LED street lamp, want to buy solar street light but don't know compatible or not.

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