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Indians call the subway bridge and install adequate lighting

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-03

according to Indian media reported that recently, the Delhi high court has instructed the authorities to ensure that the subways and Bridges have enough lighting.

a chief judge D N Patel and judge C Hari Shankar, said the public to use the subway and the frequency of the bridge is very high, these places should be kept clean and open.

'we hereby instructed the government and other departments to take necessary measures to ensure the subway have sufficient lighting, patrol police on the bridge, bridge to ensure the subway and won't be anyone to misuse. '

', therefore, the government should manage the Delhi metro and Bridges, in order to ensure that the masses are free to use the subway and Bridges, and don't have to worry about gangsters. '

it is understood that due to the lack of enough lighting Delhi subways and Bridges, caused by the use of, a threat to the masses, so people have called for the government to take necessary measures to install sufficient lighting.

in addition, people also called for the installed closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, lighting shall be properly arranged, and in the internal deployment of a sufficient number of security personnel, in order to rapidly against criminals.

at present, India is currently one of the largest markets in the global LED lights, its huge potential, still is given priority to with fluorescent lamps, indoor public places in parts due to voltage instability, dosage of incandescent lamp is considerable. In recent years, the government gradually LED bulbs, market demand is big, boundless opportunities.

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