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Infineon 1. $3. 9 billion acquisition of silicon carbide experts focus on innovative Cold Split wafer cutting technology

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-03

infineon ( 英飞凌) Announced that it has acquired a start-up called Siltectra, will be an innovative technology ( ColdSpilt) Also the income. A 2. 4 billion euro ( 700 million RMB) 。

'cold cutting' is a highly efficient crystal material processing technology, can the material loss to a minimum. Infineon will put the technology used in the cutting of SiC wafers, so that the single wafer can produce double the number of chips.

Siltectra was founded in 2010, has been in development, now has more than 50 patent intellectual property combination of the family. Compared with the ordinary cutting technology, the start-up to develop a decomposition of crystal material technology, the material loss is minimal.

the technology also can be used in the semiconductor material SiC, rapid growth in demand over the next few years. Today, SiC products have been used for highly efficient and compact solar inverters. In the future, SiC will play a more and more important role in the electric car.

ColdSplit technology will and Austria in dresden existing Siltectra factory of infineon factory to realize industrialization. Is expected to be completed in the next five years to the transfer of mass production.

infineon provides the most extensive power semiconductor product portfolio based on silicon and silicon carbide and the innovation of the gallium nitride substrates. It is the world's only on 300 mm silicon lath round mass production of the company. Therefore, infineon is also likely to lath round technology applied in the SiC products.

ColdSplit technology will help ensure SiC products supply, especially in the long run. With the passage of time, the possible ColdSplit technology further application, such as ingot split or used for in addition to silicon carbide materials.

for the acquisition, infineon Dr CEOReinhardPloss said:

'the acquisition will help us use SiC new materials, and expand our excellent product portfolio. Our system of lath round technical understanding and unique professional knowledge, will and Siltectra innovation ability and the cold cutting technology complement each other. '

Siltectra chief technology officer Jan Dr Richter said:' we are very happy to become a member of the global market leader in the team power semiconductors. Facts have proved that Cold Split technology can help infineon product performance, we will now work together to move to mass production. '

with the passage of time, the cold cutting technology is expected to get a wider range of application, such as ingot segmentation, or material used for SiC.

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