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Infineon launched with communication function of the LED driver chip

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-16

the new trend of intelligent lighting and Internet of things require the use of a new generation of LED drive. Infineon technologies introduced XDP ™ digital power LED application of the new members of the series XDPL8221 platform, help to realize intelligent lighting. The device is 'PFC + Flyback' integrated control IC, realize the PSR control, and communication interface. The new driver IC in Anaheim, California in the United States APEC2019 on the display.

XDPL8221 has many advanced features, which can realize constant voltage, constant current and constant power control, operation parameters by GUI configuration. This can help engineers to design conveniently multifunctional and high performance LED drive.

XDPL8221 scheme can achieve higher efficiency. The driver IC supports 100 VAC ~ 277 VAC or 127 VDC to 430 VDC wide input voltage range. IC built-in digital control system based on the input and load conditions, the quasi resonant and discontinuous conduction ( DCM) Or take the initiative to attack mode ( 活跃的破裂模式) To switch between, to achieve the best operating mode.

XDPL8221 with communication interface, is the ideal choice of the intelligent lighting system LED Driver. The Driver IC can be through the UART interface provides the operating state of the LED Driver information, and can make control system to control it.

the driver IC can be as low as 1% no stroboscopic light, to adjust the current still can ensure high precision at the same time. The chip also offers dim - to - off the dimming function, when to turn off the lights after support lower standby power ( Less than 100 mW, depends on the driven design) 。

XDPL8221 can reduce BOM materials, minimize the total cost of system. XDPL8221 the DSO - 16 encapsulation, with the support of debugging tools, easy to carry on the design, so that we can shorten product design cycle, to speed up the pace of the product to the market.

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