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Install 4 yinchuan replacement. 30000 LED energy-saving lamps

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-17

the yinchuan. 4. 50000 lamp high pressure sodium lamp lighting replacement work is nearing an end, at present has completed 4. The installation of 30000 LED street lamp.

in addition, this year in yinchuan street lamp management office will also be for the people ', the lighting effect modification of bad back streets, the use of more than 15 years streetlights facilities overhaul, etc. , to enhance the level of yinchuan road lighting and designs city-lighting overall image at night.

street of yinchuan, said an official with the administration a 'the replacement of the LED lamps and lanterns, make our city significantly improved its integral illume effect at night. On the basis of meet the intensity of illumination, we also through fine control and management to achieve high efficiency and energy saving. Transform the year after save the power consumption of about 36. 3 million degrees, compared with the traditional sodium lamp, the electricity saving rate is more than 60%, after the transformation is complete yinchuan green lighting rate will exceed 80%. '

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