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Install solar street lights to conduct site surveys in the early stage

by:CHZ     2021-07-19
  Some installation locations may not be able to guarantee direct sunlight, so it is possible to install solar street lights with centralized power supply, so that the solar energy lamp project can be carried out smoothly.
   Centralized power supply solar street lights use solar radiation for centralized power generation for lighting. There are special requirements for the specific locations of street lights and solar panels. The installation site must be surveyed before installation. The main contents of the survey include:
   Check whether there are trees, buildings, etc. on both sides of the installation road and the solar panel installation section. Trees or buildings may affect the efficiency of lighting and daylighting. Measure the height and distance from the installation site, and calculate and determine it Whether it affects solar cell component lighting and street lamp lighting.
   Understand whether there are cables, optical cables, pipes, or other facilities that affect the construction underground at the installation site of solar panels and street lights, and whether there are signs prohibiting construction, etc. (Note: It is strictly forbidden to install the system under the high-voltage line). Avoid the above facilities as much as possible during installation. If you cannot avoid it, please contact the relevant department and negotiate and agree before construction.
   Avoid installation in low-lying areas or areas that are prone to stagnant water, take pictures of the installation area, measure the width, length, height and distance of the obstruction, and record the direction of the road and provide it to the plan designer together with the photos. for reference.

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