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Installation, construction and later operation of solar garden lights

by:CHZ     2021-07-10
  1. Installation and construction of solar garden lights    The quality of the accessories of solar garden lights is of course important, but the installation, construction, project management and quality control of solar garden lights are also very important. Because solar garden lights are installed outdoors, pay attention to the following issues:    anti-corrosion measures for all exposed parts of solar garden lights, wind resistance of all connecting parts of solar garden lights, anti-birds, anti-theft, and control of street lights The rainproof of the room, the winter heat preservation and cooling of the battery, the ventilation, waterproof and anti-theft of the battery room; the rainproof, insect-proof and hailproof of the lamps, the lamps should be easy to repair and replace, and the controller should be easy to repair and test. 2. The management and quality control of solar garden light projects. The installation and construction of solar garden lights generally have the characteristics of tight time, remote location, poor transportation conditions, many parts, strong technology, and many fragile parts. Organizational management and Quality control is essential. In order to ensure the quality of the project, a lot of energy has been devoted to assisting the construction party to formulate a set of project management methods, directly participating in the quality control of solar garden light components, the quality inspection of on-site materials and components, the quality control of the installation process, and the implementation of the solar garden Responsibility system for lamp post-management. Engineering management and quality control should include the following points: all products must be monitored by an authoritative department; quality inspections must be performed before products are shipped, and they cannot be shipped if they are unqualified; all products must be inspected and handover procedures must be completed for the arrival inspection. Qualified products are returned immediately; for key components, such as light sources and controllers, necessary aging tests are required; no uninspected products are put into the site; strict installation and construction personnel training: battery panel installation, poles, wiring, Battery installation, basic construction, construction procedures, etc.; street light controller installation and commissioning must be completed by professional and technical personnel; each light has a unique number, and the installation plan is drawn to facilitate the maintenance of the street light in the shortest time.  3. Later operation and maintenance of solar garden lights  The solar garden light project is a long-term and arduous project that requires long-term investment from the construction unit and the joint attention and efforts of the whole society. The solar garden light project is the same as many other engineering projects. It is divided into three parts and seven parts. Street lamp management is particularly important. If solar garden lights are to serve the city construction and citizens’ lives for a long time, construction units, manufacturers, and local governments are needed. The unity, cooperation and joint efforts of the government and the beneficiaries. Therefore, while requiring construction units to implement management and protection responsibility, management and protection scope, management and protection responsibilities, and management and protection systems, they also need the active support and cooperation of relevant functional departments of the local government to ensure that the daily maintenance of street lights, theft prevention and the prevention of man-made damage Responsibilities are assigned to households and people.

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