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Installation of solar street lamps need to provide what information?

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

we all know now because the solar street light as a kind of green energy, so get a lot of customers, so now there are a lot of consumer power inconvenient in some areas, demand for solar street lights will have certain, but according to the different environment condition, is the need for consumers to provide the relevant dealer of slender, but it is clear that many consumers don't install solar street light you need to provide what information, so today solar street lamps factory is a simple introduce for you.

1) Road width, determine the height of the light pole and installation spacing and LED light source power;

2) Rainy day in a row, and easier to determine the capacity of battery power;

3) Install city, to understand the environment, to determine the solar street light dustproof and waterproof measures, ensure dust or heavy rainfall rigor, understand the direction and the Angle of the solar panel installation;

4) Lighting at night time and pattern can be used to determine the choice of light source and the controller;

that is in the process of installing solar street lamps at four o 'clock we need for manufacturers to provide information, hope can bring you some help, more content of subsequent updates can focus on this site, you can also view the site before the relevant articles, if you have any questions, you can through the site's contact information and contact us directly, also can let us know through the way of the message.

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