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Installation of street light for solar street lamp manufacturers to provide what information

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-09-05

now with the popularity of solar street lights, and the improvement of the process, there are a lot of some rural residents can choose to reach didn't install solar street light, because not only easy to use, and the price is reasonable, installation is very convenient, also do not need special laying lines, it is very cost-effective, so prior to installation, need to solar street lamp manufacturers to provide what information? Take you simply look at it today.

first about this kind of product, solar street lamps can be configured according to actual needs, is the need to according to the actual use of considering the environment, so you need to provide some information to the businessman, to find the most suitable street lamp design. Is first to determine the scope of use, solar street light to illuminate how far, how wide is the road including installation, need to measure, climate and weather condition, determined using multiple high power panels, and the corresponding dustproof, waterproof design, all is according to the actual weather climate, like the south would be big gap between the city and the north, and method and the switch at night, all need to determine.

the above is the solar street light during the installation process to provide information to manufacturer, if you have a certain demand, other products can also refer to this site, hoping to provide some help for you.

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