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Intelligent lighting, Ontario, Canada airport upgrade lighting system

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-28

it is reported that Canada Ontario international airport ( 安大略机场) Use intelligent LED lighting system.

reports suggest that Canada Ontario international airport is replace the parking lot and driveway of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp pole, use by SolarMax LED Headquartered in California), To provide LED lighting solutions, in order to provide better customer experience, and achieve the goal of saving energy.

at the same time, the Ontario international airport parking lot LED lamps and lanterns also realized the technology upgrading, because the new LED light pole is equipped with the light sensor, when a half an hour is not detected some of the region, lamps and lanterns brightness will be reduced by half.

the new lighting solution, Ontario international airport will be in low traffic hours further save power consumption, while maintaining the minimum illumination level required by the security cameras.

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