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Intelligent lighting power to Finland with 5 g technology to build the world's highest degree of intelligent road

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-06

according to foreign media reports, the Finnish business people and for the city government has a bold plan, he ( She) They want to build a the world's most intelligent degree path.

it was revealed that the path will be used 5 g technology, the network will be covered by city ( Inkoo直辖市) Tin, Wendy, Siuntio) With her, Karjaa) The Route between 51 extension, its (31 kilometers About 19 miles) , which is located in Helsinki, Finland along the south coast ( Helsinki) The western 54 km ( About 34 miles) Place.

for families, the municipal government will work with Karis Telefon, Tammisaaren Energia. In addition, nokia will provide 5 g technology for intelligent light pole.

this intelligent road belongs to LuxTurrim5G one part of the project, the intelligent lighting will configure the network base station and antenna, can be used to create 5 g network. The intelligent road will configure 620 intelligent light pole, now can only achieve interconnection in stages.

because of the mayor of the city of Robert Nyman, stressed that the project is still in its infancy ( 初级阶段) ', has yet to formulate specific implementation plan, so language is due to the future path of development is the final decision of the state, rather than the city.

another reason is that the money is not yet in place. Nyman estimated infrastructure costs only 2 million euros ( Us $2. 26 million) , one of the possible financial resources support from Business Finland, which is intelligent mobile travel ( 智能移动) Funds can provide 50 million euros (for transportation transition $57 million) The total money.

if the project is approved, its digital trunk road will be installed in the use of intelligent lighting C - V2X network realization of automatic driving vehicle road test.

the engineering department to ensure the automatic continuously updated road traffic flow and drive the vehicle driving conditions and other relevant information, at the same time, the vehicle information communication system and the sensor can also with other vehicles and infrastructure to realize network interconnection, V2V and V2I) To improve intelligence of all the vehicles on the road safety.

C - V2X brings a lot of information and functions will undoubtedly enhance the human driver's safety.

for the Route 51, road safety ascension has far-reaching significance. As a main road in the west of the Helsinki, Finland its infrastructure bureau ( 芬兰交通基础设施机构) As the highest density of road accident.

the road is the reindeer collision ( 驼鹿碰撞) Incidence of the accident. From 2012 to 2015, the annual average collision accident rate for 17, contain the deadly traffic accident. If the introduction of 5 g technology, large animals close to, will be used to send warning information to the road, vehicle collisions with reindeer told existence of accident risk.

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