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Intelligent street lamp lighting in guangzhou is the most beautiful old street one thousand manufacturers with new vitality

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-29

have to exclamation, intelligent street lamp one really is more and more high! Even one of the most famous in guangzhou's old ning road, are now using the high-tech the wisdom of the street lamp.

block er ning road street

well ning road is a representative of the old city in guangzhou, in order to activate the old, old city 'transformation', guangzhou start in guangzhou power supply bureau take to ensure the power supplies for urban renewal and block activation. Then, a sweeping down the 'three line' project ning road.

in addition to the 'three lines' on fields, there are 'four network convergence' ( Power grid, the Internet, the network, telephone network) 。 After modification, yongqing street entrance of the street a row of neatly arranged electrical box.

in addition, the power supply department was also built in litchi bay near chung 21 wisdom street lamps, lighting, charging and WiFi.

the relevant person in charge of guangzhou power supply bureau said that guangzhou as 5 g pilot cities, the future demand of 5 g micro base station is huge, the wisdom light pole as micro base station quality carrier will provide ways for 5 g network layout. A street integrated video surveillance, base station, charging pile, the elements such as road signs, also points to 5 g network carrier.

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