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International association of ultraviolet to development site, full tracking UV LED technology

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-01

it is reported that the technology and market is accelerating, more and more discussion papers and industry focus for journal articles, public health and life science application of UV curing LED, in view of this, the international association of ultraviolet (UV), IUVA协会、国际紫外线) Announced and focused on ultraviolet light and electron beam technology in the field of non-profit organization RadTech uvledsource developed a new website. Org to record and track the UV LED technology.

the website integrates a variety of UV LED the theme of the technical papers and articles, provide a convenient and easy to search online resources, aimed at those who are interested in the UV LED technology to provide comprehensive knowledge of learning, and will regularly add new data reflect RadTech and IUVA member is carrying out work.

uvledsource will record the UV LED technology innovation can bring more efficient, more economical, more environmentally friendly production technology, will also show to promote a new scientific results of disinfection, purification and sterilization method.

it is understood that the latest UV leds (breakthrough will be coming in Orlando March 8 to 11) 2020 and RadTech IUVA Americas Conference exhibition.

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