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Into the expo: national conference and exhibition center and road lighting lighting design innovation products

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-10

above, this paper introduces the national exhibitors exhibition of innovation, advanced lighting related products.

in addition, the Shanghai to build the new service matching and cities to welcome into the expo, such as Shanghai night view lighting all upgrades, also needs to mention is lighting elements as well as the national convention center lighting design, as well as the Shanghai national conference and exhibition center around the traffic security provide road traffic of innovative technology products, etc.

venue: national conference and exhibition center

into the exposition of the main stadium for the national convention center, the promotion before the meeting begins.

the national convention center stadium capability of engineering involves the national convention center ( Shanghai) Parallel, BBS, reconstruction of the facade, the energy center facade, landscape engineering, flood lighting engineering, intelligent security, form a complete set of engineering, etc. Among them, the indoor area of nearly 50000 square meters.

four leaf distribution on different pavilion

the national convention center is the modelling of a clover, aspect of the design concept of axis symmetry has been adopted, spread from center four directions of northwest to the southeast, unfolded feminine blade. 7 the area of Beijing's bird's nest. Is currently the world's largest single building and exhibition complex.

day colourful national conference and exhibition center, stadium at night also because of lighting art effect and more lasting appeal.

venues overall combination of roofing construction skin texture with light shape clovers 'core', 'pulse' and 'shape', and through the intelligent control show different themes.

'core' in the bar grating linear lamps and lanterns, wall mounted by indirect light provides soft floodlight expression, increase the thickness of the 'stem' three-dimensional; Buckle the 'pulse', lamps and lanterns installation, not only improves the roughness of veins, also make the light becomes downy, by means of this kind of indirect 'Shape', high and low roof edge wash wall lamp, the high and low level is underlined, 'clover' overall modelling to express.

at night, when the flights to and from flying from national conference and exhibition center, you can see a clover leaf, leaf, stem under the rendering of light distinct and vibrant.

in addition, the LED lamp line at the top of the blade also comes with surrounding forms 'CIIE' and 'I LOVE SH' theme, become Shanghai shining city night view of new business card.

in addition, the south square is the main entrance of the leaders and guests, the evening of November 4, the national exhibition center lights light up themes, south central stairs in the main square root section 24 column with red, blue, yellow, green light fluctuates in four group, 'spring, summer, autumn and winter' four ACTS on colour profusion, bright is dazzing, show the first into the expo subject LOGO, the overall effect is concise atmospheric.

section column pillars in bloom luminous acrylic panel material clovers, scape lateral package ACTS the role of perforated aluminum plate, the guests walk outside a clover, will feel the visual effect of 'color yarn' walks in scene, experience the four seasons of picture.

the national convention center ( Shanghai) Converted into parallel BBS hall 2 venues.

the national conference center hall space frame draw lessons from the ancient Chinese architecture form, but with modern means. Layers of metope USES light color aluminum plate, and the top fold, with copper, draw the outline of the lamp, the show with approximate 'lyrics' gimmick 'hip roof top' outline, showing magnificent powers. Express hip roof top design in modern

condole top modelling show flowers shape, center has a bronze art lanterns, yi 'blossom'. Light ring form, form a pattern of 'nature round place'. Connected to the main welcome hall roof

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