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Into the lighting on the expo black 'bright' the science and technology

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-02

on November 5, the first China international exposition of the officially opened.

this is the first in the world to import as the theme of the national exhibition, attracted the attention from all over the world many. From five continents over 172 countries and regions and international organizations to participate, has more than 3600 companies, to show the world the development achievements and national image, not only the enterprise product exhibition, exhibition of national trade and investment, more high-level parallel BBS.

the first expo bright course, with practical action to build common development platform for the world, promoting global trade and cooperation with China.

at the gathering of the world's most advanced and black science and technology and structure features of product, very shocked. Let's look at what are the below black associated with lighting technology.

xin nuo fly: visible light wireless communication technology, LiFi) Chinese debut

xin fly at the first China international fair ( Into the fair) That shows the forefront of the Internet of things lighting technology, with the theme of 'to the light dream weavers build wisdom city application scenario.

the main exhibits include the visible light wireless communication technology, LiFi) The first commercial application solutions; For urban farm plant lighting technology; Xin fly iot lighting platform and new brands of Interact and the main application of the brand; The world's leading intelligent household lighting system 'philips show'.

one of the biggest bright spot is the first time in China launched a visible light wireless communication technology, LiFi) The solution. 'Xin nuo fly visible light wireless communication office lamps and lanterns can achieve 30 million high-speed broadband connections per second, this means that the limited space, can help more equipment to realize the communication. 'The staff of the site.

in addition, xin nuo HongAn li, chief executive of fly, Eric Rondolat) In the same period of the hongqiao international economic and trade BBS, participated in the 'trade and innovation' as the topic of the round table discussion, with the global business leaders to discuss how to grasp the opportunity, the fourth industrial revolution promote trade growth kinetic energy conversion between the old and the new.

to carry out the same day, xin, fly and also one of the world's largest building materials manufacturers and the world's leading integrated service provider of China building materials group co. , LTD. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement, looking forward to global business cooperation in the areas of plant lighting, open a new chapter.

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