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Introduce the old and bring forth the new, more smart street lights launched in 2018-solar street light manufacturers

by:CHZ Lighting     2021-07-08
Founded in 2008, it is located in Baoding City, Hebei Province, the land of Gyeonggi. It is one of the earliest manufacturers of solar street lights in Hebei.
At the beginning of the company’s establishment, there was only an office area of u200bu200b20 to 30 square meters, a production research and development workshop, and a light pole production base. The office area can be simple, but the company puts Ru0026D and production in the first place, only the highest quality and the most trustworthy Only with our products can gain a foothold in the market and win the trust of customers. After repeated trials and failures, we finally developed the latest type of light source products and cost-effective important components of street lights, and took the lead in obtaining a new patent certificate for LED light sources. Once the product was put on the market, it immediately received a lot of praise. Especially in Shaanxi, our company based on the principle of giving priority to the poor and backward areas, and first bringing light to them, solar street lights were installed at the door of the five guarantee households for free. After the trial of time, the surrounding areas responded quickly. With the consideration of quality and company strength, a large number of orders came to the door. So far, the brand of Changhui Lighting has gradually spread in the street lighting industry. However, the company's control of products has never been relaxed. It has always adhered to the slogan of 'doing the right thing with a conscience,
At present, after ten years of precipitation, the company’s products have been sold all over the country. The company’s registered capital has reached 20 million. All three-level qualifications and ISO quality certificates have been obtained and inspected on time. The annual turnover is more than 20 million. Modern office factory area of u200bu200b2000 square meters, separate large-scale automated production workshop, independent operation of light pole factory, from cutting to spray molding one-stop completion, now we have more confidence and strength to meet the challenges from customers from all directions, and more capital in the street lighting industry Foothold.
Not only from the company scale and services, our company produces a variety of products, support sample customization, product categories include: new rural construction solar street lights, lithium battery solar street lights, smart street lights, solar garden lights, solar landscape lights , Solar high pole lights, lawn lights, flood lights, etc. There are more than 1,000 styles for you to choose from, and you are welcome to visit and negotiate at any time.
Ten years of quality assurance is your choice for your benefit. Our slogan is: We not only sell products, we only sell conscience products. All employees of Changhui Lighting welcome customers to visit and customize at any time.

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