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Investment comparison of solar street lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps

by:CHZ     2021-07-10

Some people are talking about solar street lamps and ordinary sodium lamps. They always think that the investment of sodium lamps is less than that of solar street lamps. The experts of Changhui Lighting will calculate this account for you. (Take a one-kilometer long and 15-meter wide road with 66 lights as an example)
The light source used in 60W solar street lights is LED light source, the light source of each lamp is 1,600 yuan, 66 lamps are about 105,600 yuan; and the ordinary 250W high pressure sodium lamp is 1,000 yuan per light source, 66 total 66,000 yuan.
In terms of poles, basic accessories and installation, solar street lights cost 3,000 yuan per lamp, and 66 lamps cost 198,000 yuan; high-pressure sodium lamps cost 4,500 yuan per lamp, and 66 lamps cost about 297,000 yuan.
The following is calculated from the supporting equipment, the supporting equipment of solar LED street lights and high-pressure sodium lamps are not the same. Let me talk about the supporting equipment of solar street lights. Solar panels are 1440 yuan per lamp, 66 lamps total 95,000 yuan; battery 1880 each RMB 118,800 for 66 lamps; smart controller is cheaper, RMB 200 per lamp, totaling RMB 13,200 for 66 lamps; system connecting cable RMB 150 per lamp, 66 lamps RMB 0.99 million; base cage and solar bracket , 170 yuan per lamp, 66 lamps totaling 11,200 yuan, and all supporting equipment will cost a total of 248,100 yuan; next, let’s talk about the supporting equipment for ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps, buried cables, 66 lamps totaling 260,000 yuan It costs about 100,000 yuan for trenching and backfilling 66 lights, a total of 60,000 yuan for cloth pipes, a total of 33,000 yuan for inspection wells, and a total of 316,800 for 66 lights such as switches, timers, and safes. A total of 769,800 yuan is required for all the supporting equipment.
From the above data, it can be seen that the total investment of 66 sets of solar street lights is 551,700 yuan, while the investment of ordinary high-pressure sodium lamps is 1.1328 million yuan. The investment of solar street lights saves 581,100 yuan compared with the investment of high-pressure sodium lamps. It’s just an investment in the early stage. The maintenance cost of solar street lights in later operation can save about 352,300 yuan compared with high-pressure sodium lamps. A total of 933,400 yuan in the early and late stages can be saved, which can save 415,600 KWh and reduce carbon dioxide by 445,200 Kg, which is equivalent to saving 16.79 in labeled coal mines. Ten thousand Kg.
If you know all these, would you still artificially high investment in solar street lights? Buying a good product is not only important from the early stage, but also the maintenance cost in the later stage.

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