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Is there any third party doing solar street lighting quality test?
Although we implement the QC process in-house, we believe that the third party product testing is crucial in that it provides unbiased information, making our customers rest assured to buy from us. And with a third party reviewing our products, we can find out anything that may have been missed. So that we can make some improvements and have peace of mind knowing that our products are safe to sell to the public. At Shanghai CHZ Lighting Co.,Ltd, third party testing is one of the most important means of ensuring the delivery of safe and high-quality products to customers.

Due to modern production lines, CHZ Lighting is now the leading manufacturer of led flood light. As one of CHZ Lighting's multiple product series, led flood light series enjoy a relatively high recognition in the market. CHZ led light fixtures is produced in a process that is sustainable and uniquely revolutionary, and no harmful or toxic substances are involved. With light source well encapsulated, it has high safety performance. led flood light has got the features of best outdoor flood lights, which is worthwhile to popularized. It is widely exported to over 60 countries and regions.

CHZ will place a lot of emphasis on led flood light in the future. Please contact.
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