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It is good to install solar street lights a few meters high in the construction of new rural areas

by:CHZ     2021-07-13
The new rural construction solar energy special street light micro-controller is intelligently controlled without manual manipulation. It has the characteristics of high brightness, easy installation, unreliable work, no trenching, no cable laying, unreliable work, and long service life. The beautiful shape does not require electricity, and it is suitable for the lighting needs of urban roads, communities, industrial parks, squares, tourist attractions, parks, rural roads, remote areas and other places.
Many customers call to consult and ask how many meters high street lights should be installed in the village? The manufacturer will introduce you:
Generally, according to rural road standards, solar street lights with a height of 6-8 meters are more suitable.
Main technical indicators:
(1) Solar panels: monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, 18v, 30-240wp;
(2) Controller: Intelligent controller for solar street lights;
(3) Battery: DC12V, 24V, lead-acid battery or gel battery, maintenance-free.
(4) Type of light source: high-power LED integrated lamp holder;
(5) Light source power: 15-60W;
(6) Light pole material: steel structure, hot-dip galvanizing and plastic spraying treatment;
(7) Height: 6-8m;
(8) Working hours: 8-12 hours, 4-5 cloudy and rainy days (different areas with different sunshine hours);
(9) Working temperature: -35℃-65℃;
Can be customized for you according to customer requirements! Welcome customers to come to talk in detail!

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