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It's not out of the door, but you must know wuhan night how beautiful!

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-07
Recently, many people talk about wuhan.

but you don't know,

how beautiful nights of wuhan

in recent days,

wuhan buildings light up

'wuhan refueling' subtitles,

for wuhan over the outbreak encouragement!

click to watch the video: https://v. Qq。 com/page/x/a/8/x3058ihlsa8. HTML

two rivers and four side of the light show,

for the city's light win hope!

out of wuhan,

guangzhou relay!

it is reported that as the brother of wuhan city, hunting, bridge, haizhu bridge in guangzhou, guangzhou tower, also on the words 'wuhan come on'!

staff member introduction, 'this group of people cheer for wuhan light works

will continue to the end of the outbreak, hopes to wuhan, to inspire. '


a wuhan Ya MV

moved thousands of wuhan people:

' look at once, cry for a time. '


, I believe, the sunshine will illuminate the land.

cherry blossoms will bloom again,

early people still eat hot-and-dry noodles,

street again thronged,

we will take off mask,

go to the places they want to go to,

see want to see. '

as academician zhong nanshan said:

' wuhan is a hero of the city.

throughout the country, everybody's support,

wuhan is sure to pass! '

we believe that

night will eventually in the past, let's wait for the sunrise together!

wuhan come on, China refuels!

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