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Jamaica plans to upgrade 2 in 2020. 50000 streetlights for intelligent LED lights

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-26

on January 1, the Jamaica observer reported that Jamaica public services, The Jamaica Public Service, hereinafter referred to as 'the JPS)' The company announced that it will be a total of 10. 50000 sets of street lamp replacement is the goal of leds have finished 62%.

the JPS, according to the changed approximately 6 since 2019. 50000 streetlights for LED lights, the company plans to replace the other 2 in 2020. 50000, in 2021 is expected to complete the installation. Compared with the traditional street light, LED street lamp updated more efficient and better lighting effect. At the same time, the intelligent controller with remote control and monitoring, so the maintenance aspect is more efficient.

it is understood that the project began in 2017, under the arrangement in the Jamaican government and JPS, help reduce the monthly bill. An average of 2 municipal corporation monthly bill. 800 million dollars, that is, $2. 6 billion a year. In June 2017, the JPS began within the scope of the island will be 10. 50000 sets of energy-intensive street lamp replacement for the LED street lamp intelligent control.

the JPS, says the plan has a positive impact on public lighting and night life, and received the positive feedback of the public. The public also expressed his expectation for the modification of the community street lamp.

according to introducing, LED intelligent control system is expected to street lamp cost can be reduced 50% 60%. Intelligent control system can be measured for each lamp, monitoring state of street lamps and consumption.

the JPS said, more and more countries in the world within the scope of the city and the country have installed the LED street light. Intelligent LED street light project is completed, Jamaica will also be among them.

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