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Jiangsu changzhou upgrade presented multifunctional lamp posts

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-06

changzhou metro line 1 has the official opening, cities along the new appearance, too. 'Site' lamp posts, according to the requirement not only partially used the 'upgrade' multi-functional light pole, also in the domestic leader in the signal lamp, traffic monitoring and security monitoring, digital urban management control box enclosure integrated pilot 'the unity of' box.

according to introducing, this year July onwards, the changzhou city lighting management office up along the metro line 1 function lighting renovation project, mainly related to the subway line 1 and JinLing surrounding the downtown section of north road, Dragon east road - Liuzhou, liuzhou road intersection) The surrounding areas. In the transformation, according to the lighting along the metro line 1 function recovered, 'after the' demolition construction principle of city lighting management office recovered about 1200 light pole. Among them, in the dimness - Dragon road, due to the large-scale promotion more pole syncretic multifunctional lamp posts, road pavement bar reduced to 378 from the 564 bar.

the section chief Zhang Xun city lighting management technology, said the JinLing road construction of multi-function light pole, has been developed from the first generation of 'combined' upgraded to 'triad' multi-function lever. The first generation of multifunctional lamp posts will street light, signal lights, traffic signs signs, traffic monitoring, security monitoring, and other functions fully integrated, and reserved 5 g base stations. The integration and increased the enclosure, the light table boxes, traffic monitoring and security monitoring table box, digital urban management table box to realize 'triad', this technology is currently in the country are leading.

in addition, the application of the multi-function lamp posts, also in liuzhou road and intersection of JinLing pilot application along the direction of the 22 sets of new card slot type multifunctional lamp posts, the new line of inward and outward and the function of card slot, as well as increase the logo sign for the future development requirements are fully reserved.

administration chief said city lighting, road is known as the city lights 'furniture', changzhou pilot construction of multi-function lamp posts, since 2017 to the present widespread promotion, from research and development of the first generation of multi-functional light pole upgrade is now card slot type multifunctional light pole, it all helps management star construction of city.

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