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Jiangsu huaian multiple road lights will be LED light source

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-09

it is reported that this year, jiangsu huaian will upgrade to more than the main road lamps, replace the energy-saving LED illumination lamps and lanterns of higher and lower energy consumption.

this year on the street lamp DaZhongXiu focuses on saving energy and improving the quality of lighting. Plans to retrofit for MeiCheng west road, Huaihai south road to xian south road) , tianjin road ( Yanan east road to the grand canal section) , datong road, Huaihai road and water ferry road section) , Beijing road, 3 types: the old to liberation road) 。

the management staff of the relevant city lighting, because running time is long, the road of street lamps and lanterns of aging, such as poor impermeability and reflectors oxidation blackening problem, cause the intensity of illumination increasingly unable to meet the demand of the city, this plan will these sections of the traditional high pressure sodium lamp replacement into the LED light source, lighting effect will greatly improve the new lamps and lanterns, fully meet the demand of the citizens.

in addition to the replacement of lamps and lanterns, the municipal urban lighting management department will also according to the practical problems existing in the various road lighting, adjust measures to local conditions. In addition, eliminate safety hidden trouble also is an important goal of street lamp DaZhongXiu this year.

related staff, street lamp DaZhongXiu scheme this year is on the basis of the actual situation of street lamp operation, and maintenance, through several rounds of screening, research, repeated demonstration, retain the original light pole and life alignment pole, makes every effort to maximize cost savings. Lights to reduce running cost, the use of LED lamps and lanterns is all adjustable illuminant, can according to the real-time move light environment, achieve the goal of energy saving. Expect the street light years after reforming power consumption can save about 50%.

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