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Jilin province dunhua intelligent lighting system formally put into use

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-05-01

recently, jilin dunhua intelligent lighting system formally put into use.

in dunhua hongqi street, staff is through start all of street lamp intelligent lighting integrated management platform. Dunhua of housing and urban-rural construction bureau electric lamp division staff Wang Zhongjun introduction, these lamps can do points time, location and group control.

'building up areas of the city which one can do it to light which is bright, the single lamp control equipment in the city street lamp can implement every bright one, or two bright one open to turn off the lights of the model, in the case of guarantee normal lighting requirements and reducing energy consumption, realize the city lighting energy saving, improve the service life of street lamps, reduce operating costs. '

Wang Zhongjun, said city lighting integrated management platform using GPS clock, automatic calibration preset time, turn off the lights can also automatically according to the variation of voltage, current, power, light rate estimation. When an exception occurs when the power supply line, the staff through mobile phones and GPS communication network can be sent to the personnel on duty of mobile phone and the monitoring center.

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