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Jinan released ten safeguard economic measures at night, the promotion designs city-lighting, etc

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-09

night economy development, the policy of the new round of promoting consumption frequency is now the highlight of the vocabulary. According to relevant statistics show that on the evening of May 2019 at 8 o 'clock to five o 'clock in the morning the next day before the delivery of the order of year-on-year growth of 3%, this suggests that jinan's night time consumption gradually. According to the lightning news big data analysis, jinan shanghe, pingyin and sleep on the night of flyover is heavy accumulation.

reporter interviewed several jinan randomly in the broad citizen, their development of the market also put forward its own proposals. Ms. Lee believes that market economy is worth promoting, but doesn't affect the normal rest; Mr Zhang that night market development to match the urban health environment, and to configure the public toilets; Wang think the night market, should be undertaken within the prescribed time period does not influence normal work.

indeed, night market on the numerous and complicated, health, transportation, food safety, and even could not ignore the noise, to become bigger and stronger 'night economy' at the same time achieve the specification management, will not be easy. To jinan today released the jinan urban management system service security economic night ten measures ', including the extension of the public toilet is open time, improve service, set the brush face recognition for paper machine, the construction of anhydrous ecological toilet, etc. Broaden the night market set area, upgrade the urban lighting lighting; Increase the intensity of cleaning, with enough garbage collection facilities, measures such as delay the road sprinkler at night time, for the development of economy of jinan city night confirmed drive escort.

in addition, jinan urban management bureau has issued the jinan today first focus lighting blocks, a total of 54. 11, 15, lixia district of downtown district HuaiYin District 6, 5, flyover licheng district 5, 3 in the zone and the pingyin area 2, 1 chapter grave area, jiyang area 2, 2, pingyin shanghe 2. Includes door lane slaughter such characteristic commercial blocks, kiln head gold jewelry and 14 professional commercial street blocks, as well as generous in 39 comprehensive commercial block.

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