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Jingdong plant plant put into operation a domestic electricity self-built plant factory

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-07-13

on December 6, jingdong plant factory opening ceremony held in Beijing tongzhou. It by jingdong group cooperation with Japan's mitsubishi chemical construction, plant factory covers an area of 11040 square meters, is expected to vegetables, the annual output of 300 tons, is the nation's largest Japanese technology of sunlight and artificial light combination type plant factory, which can realize mass production and commercial purposes. Jingdong group, senior vice President, jingdong mall, President of the consumer business group Wang Xiaosong with mitsubishi chemical member of the standing executive service sasaki signed a strategic cooperation agreement

as early as June 2017, jingdong group signed a contract with Japan's mitsubishi chemical holdings group, the two sides will conduct business cooperation in the field of hydroponic vegetables. After more than a year of careful grinding, filled with technology of gene jingdong plant factory, finally ushered in the domestic electricity self-built plant factory.

at present, jingdong plant factories from material to the device, from seed to nutrient solution were from Japan's mitsubishi, at the same time, mitsubishi chemical also provides the corresponding cultivation techniques and sent a Japanese expert guidance on site all the year round.

technology alongside a body to reveal jingdong plant factory

according to the introduction of jingdong fresh, jingdong plant factory used the Japan mitsubishi chemical technical standards, using NFT in ( Nutrient film technique) And capillary hydroponic cultivation.

by the technique of artificial intervention, temperature, humidity, illumination in the plant plant and the concentration of carbon dioxide can remain all the year round in the most suitable for vegetable growth status; Water purification equipment imported from Japan can completely eliminate water pollution, coupled with the 'because of the food according to' nutrient solution, producing no pesticide vegetable, non-gmo, no hormones, no heavy metal, and nitrite content is much lower than the national mandatory standard.

at the same time, the plant factory is both energy conservation and environmental protection properties. Plant plant cultivation of vegetables water consumption is extremely low, each vegetables from seed to into food only need 500 ml water, less than the amount of water in a bottle of mineral water, more than 90% than conventional planting water-saving; Vegetable nutrient solution is needed for recycled at the same time, the whole plant factory near zero emissions, low load on the environment. Before entering the plant factories need to be removed and the whole body disinfection

in energy conservation and environmental protection at the same time, high yield, high efficiency can also be another feature of plant factory. Spinach, for example, plants plant cultivation in spinach average production cycle is about 19 crop every year, a year and ordinary field planting spinach can't more than 4, common greenhouse one year also not more than 6, 3 to 4 times higher efficiency.

self-built plant factory, jingdong group, senior vice President, jingdong mall, President of the consumer business group Wang Xiaosong explained that at present domestic agricultural production standardization, large-scale deficiencies, products of good and evil people mixed up, high-end vegetable prices too high, and the environment, soil, and supply chain integrity problem has plagued by consumers. Jingdong fresh hope that through self-built plant factory, from the source of agricultural products began to provide consumers with high standard, high quality vegetables.

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