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Jiulongpo district of chongqing, nanan distract: urban road green lighting engineering and wisdom urban construction

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-10

street lamp in addition to lighting, what role? Even WIFI transmitter, 5 g base stations.

'only when you do not, there is no wisdom light pole can't do! 'On November 6, penny ur (, director of the national energy conservation center in jiulongpo district green wisdom city construction research symposium said.

in order to promote the urban road green lighting engineering and wisdom city construction, by the national energy conservation center director penny ur (led, wave group, China to the tai chi group, Chinese believe it division Wu Hanhong, petrochina kunlun, chongqing development group, art group really trust companies such as a line in chongqing on November 6, to carry out the green wisdom city research. Penny ur (director, respectively, to listen to the nanan distract and jiulongpo district of chongqing city road green lighting project, wisdom urban construction idea and advance.

+ jiulongpo district of chongqing high-tech zone: the first green wisdom city construction experimentsite area

in jiulongpo district green wisdom city construction research seminar, the district party committee secretary zhou yong, director of chongqing high-tech zone management committee, the district xiao-qiang liu for the reception.

jiulongpo district of chongqing research symposium scene

in the meeting, for promoting urban road green lighting the pilot reform and fall to the ground to form a green industry group in chongqing high-tech zone, the participants fully opinion suggestion, the consensus has formed the meeting memo.

the reporter learns from the meeting, the high-tech zone of chongqing and jiulongpo district as the country's first green wisdom city construction experimentsite area, will be in the whole domain to light pole 'wisdom', and communities in the urban lighting energy-saving renovation and the urban construction of Internet of things, to promote urban road green intelligent lighting system, a new generation of communications infrastructure construction, urban management system integration, wisdom effective revitalize the utilization of idle resources, provide good foundation for wisdom urban construction.

this said at the meeting, make wisdom city, promote the intelligent commercial administration in civil, is a common feelings of jiulongpo district and the enterprises. He hopes the enterprise can work together with jiulongpo district, to embrace the green city the surging tide of wisdom, a green city of Kowloon wisdom swing together, urban visual wisdom green wave as soon as possible.

penny ur (said the national energy conservation center will strengthen the docking with the chongqing high-tech zone and the Kowloon slope area, focus on and go all out to promote the pilot project construction, strive to pilot success at an early date.

inspur dong-feng Chen, chief executive of Taiji Computer Corporation Limited, senior vice President of Chai Yongmao, chongqing development investment company chairman chih-ming ho, wave group vice President jiang, art really group chairman xiao-fang zhang, kunlun Liu Shuo trust co. , LTD. Sales department general manager, vice President of China's information technology group fire rainbow letter zhi-yong hu to attend the meeting, such as area, Huang Qigang leadership j. query, Song Hong, week to participate in the symposium.

: in nanan distract of chongqing city wisdom project full bloom

by the open area in chongqing nanan distract the green wisdom city construction research symposium, chongqing nanan district party committee, deputy secretary mao-chun wang, deputy district chief Chen Jiong nanan distract government and related department heads in the reception, the two sides have 'green' wisdom city construction project related question has carried on the discussion.

chongqing nanan distract research symposium scene

mao-chun wang said, 'China valley, Chongqing) 'On the south bank of the ground made nanan distract the intelligent factor to further strengthen, hope that the two sides in order to visit as an opportunity, in the smart union, big data, entrepreneurial innovation in areas such as docking, actively carry out cooperation in investment, entrepreneurship, etc, to carry out the deep cooperation in various fields, and strive to achieve complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development.

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