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Just to say and solar street light the principle and function

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-10-11

the configuration of the solar street lamps can not simple to handle, unreasonable collocation can cause many problems, solar street light is made up of four parts, solar photovoltaic panels, of battery, light source and the controller; If solar photovoltaic panels to match is too small, power is not enough light in the day of lighting, solar LED street lamp will go out ahead of schedule, so can't normal work according to the set time. Now our life has many solar series products, for example, the solar water heater, solar power stations, solar street lamp, etc. , and which USES more is the solar street lamps, that is to say with you today solar street light the principle and function.

solar street lamps energy-saving principle: the main material is silicon solar panels. When solar panels by light irradiation, can put the light energy into electrical energy, can make the power from one party to another direction. There is a problem, panels will reflect the sun's light, so clever man invented a thing: stop light reflection film, cover on the panels, making it into a purple. Panels can also affect the seabed slope Angle of lighting effect. Can absorb light during the day, photovoltaic modules, convert solar energy into electrical energy storage in solar energy lamp battery, until the evening to release energy. Usually sunny, with power only need four hours, at a time full of electricity can maintain more than 5 days, 4 days of continuous rainy weather. To note here is that can be set by the controller photo, time and space, so that you can put some control the intensity of the size.

solar street lamps energy-saving effect:

is using some compare the idea of environmental protection and to some actual operation, the comparison of reality, and is simple, because they don't need too much heavy and complicated operation can be used. Such as solar street light. Such lights when using just absorb the energy of sunlight, and then take advantage of these energy conversion into electricity, so electricity can in the evening to the street lamp lighting, solar street light effect is good, so save time and effort, can use for a long time without too much overhead.

solar battery charging provided directly by the solar battery, the charging current and charging voltage changes with the solar radiation intensity, charging voltage and charging voltage too high frequent enough. Another charging voltage if not according to the temperature change in the automatic adjustment, easy to cause the battery is not satisfied or overcharge, so between the solar panel and battery solar charge controller is particularly important if the solar controller cannot be charge and discharge protection, do not have temperature compensation function, or do not, for a period of time after the operation failure, the battery failure as a result, such as solar LED street light can't work normally.

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