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KIT developed nearly 20% lower power consumption of a new type of LED lamps and lanterns

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-06-24

according to foreign media reports, in order to improve the efficiency of LED lights, karlsruhe institute of technology ( 工具包) A team developed a series of LED, the weaker is used to replace traditional high-performance diode.

the team will be in the rhineland the franco-prussian folz Maxdorf city to test the new LED street light, is expected to reduce about 20% of the electricity consumption and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

the core of the new design is an intelligent circuit, can make up for all the LED component aging and failure. By this new method can be at a low cost in a single circuit board is installed on a large number of leds. In addition, compared with traditional need running voltage 120 v LED, new operating voltage needed for the LED lamps and lanterns is only 20 v, so it is more safe.

in the future, cities and autonomous regions can be achieved by using this new type LED to reduce power consumption. According to Maxdorf of utilities, a medium-sized city lighting needs about 55000 lamp, 35% of whom are LED. In 2018, the city's total electricity consumption of about 10800 Mwh, electricity and maintenance costs of each year up to 3 million euros. Stefan from Maxdorf utilities Pfalzwerke Lang said: 'if all lights are equipped with this new type of LED, so will be cut nearly 30% of the cost. '

in addition, the new leds for the human eye is more comfortable. At the same time, the low power LED is cheaper than the high power LED, replace with the new process of lamps and lanterns is not complicated, thus made the street lamp system construction cost is lower.

edit: Liang Jieying

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