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Korea's mountain support UV sterilization robot to destroy the new champions

by:CHZ Lighting     2020-04-20

9 announced that Korea's mountain city, Uber company by injection using UV LED technology 'decontamination robot', support the prevention activities, in order to prevent the spread of corona 19. Disinfection of robot is an effective method to use ultraviolet disinfection of security, the ultraviolet ray is harmless to the human body without using chemicals. Officials say within 30 seconds, can kill 99. 99% of the corona viruses and pathogens harmful to human body.

Mr Andreessen city is by supporting disinfection disinfection robots.

since February, Uber in gyeonggi province science and technology park, Mr Andreessen senior municipal hospital, Mr Andreessen evergreen police began, in gyeonggi province launched five free disinfection machine, and use the robot support corona 19 prevention disinfection activities. Were reincarnated Uber of science and technology park co. , LTD. , in 2010 selected UV LED leading company in the field of application. More and more. A municipal official said: 'our hope is that, as a support project and development of jiangsu company Uber disinfection of robot, will help prevent Corona19 infection, and will continue to support in the future commercial and overseas marketing. '

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